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Story 1: Lemonade Stand

Story 2: Teeth

Story 3: The Boy Who Cares

Story 4: Car Keys

Story 5: Red Wolves

Story 6: Family Tree

Story 7: The Father of South America

Story 8: Dark or Light—It’s Amazing

Story 9: Race Car

Story 10: Henry Ford

Story 11: Busy As

Story 12: Stand Up Straight and Tall

Story 13: 27 Needles

Story 14: Baby Bird

Story 15: Ants in My Pants

Story 16: The Race

Story 17: Sara’s Dream (I)

Story 18: Sara’s Dream (II)

Story 19: Where Is David?

Story 20: Lightning

Story 21: City by the Sea

Story 22: A Farmer and a Scientist

Story 23: When Teeth Become Weak

Story 24: Wind and Sun

Story 25: The Little Things

Story 26: Turtle and Mr. Leopard (I)

Story 27: Turtle and Mr. Leopard (II)

Story 28: Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Story 29: Plant a Seed

Story 30: Soaring Through the Sky