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Story 1: Red Jelly

Story 2: Fire and Ice

Story 3: First Man in Space (I)

Story 4: First Man in Space (II)

Story 5: How Corn Came to the Indians

Story 6: Flag

Story 7: Waiting for the Train

Story 8: Splat the Spider

Story 9: Whirling Storm

Story 10: Birthday Party

Story 11: Our Visit to a Village (I)

Story 12: Our Visit to a Village (II)

Story 13: Picture on My Desk

Story 14: Blowing Glass

Story 15: Lots of Presents

Story 16: Our New Car

Story 17: Someone Important

Story 18: Life on the Farm

Story 19: Water into Wine (I)

Story 20: Water into Wine (II)

Story 21: What’s Your Address?

Story 22: Tabitha’s Treasure

Story 23: Compost

Story 24: First Babysitter

Story 25: Playing in the Rain!

Story 26: Video Games

Story 27: Honest Abe

Story 28: What Animal Is This?

Story 29: Cooking Fish

Story 30: Using Your Words

Story 31: City of Lights