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Story 1: First Flower in Spring

Story 2: A Day of Fishing

Story 3: Danger: Thin Ice

Story 4: Afraid of Wind

Story 5: Our Amazing Eyes

Story 6: Where Is the Money From?

Story 7: Our Friendly Sun

Story 8: Brush Twice a Day (I)

Story 9: Brush Twice a Day (II)

Story 10: Butterflies and Bird Song

Story 11: The Judge

Story 12: Gold or Corn?

Story 13: Seashells

Story 14: Our Little Friend

Story 15: Chicken Eggs

Story 16: Why Is It Colder Up There?

Story 17: The Mouse in the House

Story 18: Mean Mr. Green

Story 19: My Older Brother

Story 20: Tommy’s Box

Story 21: A Family Picture

Story 22: Tears in the Ocean

Story 23: For the Love of Kids

Story 24: What Is Under the Bed?

Story 25: Two Friends

Story 26: Happy to Be Busy

Story 27: What Colour Is That?

Story 28: Old Dog, New Tricks

Story 29: The Little Seeds

Story 30: Snowflakes

Story 31: Grandma, the Biker