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Story 1: Omar’s Goat (I)

Story 2: Omar’s Goat (II)

Story 3: Thinking About Farmers

Story 4: A Special Gift

Story 5: Where Does Our Food Go?

Story 6: At the Fair

Story 7: Head in the Sand

Story 8: Two Sons

Story 9: Lemon Ice for Sale

Story 10: Just Across the Sea

Story 11: What’s That in the Sky?

Story 12: Hold That Thought

Story 13: A Curious Boy

Story 14: No Couch Potatoes

Story 15: A Day with Dad

Story 16: Big Moon Rising (I)

Story 17: Big Moon Rising (II)

Story 18: Mom, It Hurts!

Story 19: Worms

Story 20: Wonderful World of Music

Story 21: Sweet Watermelons

Story 22: Ants

Story 23: Summer Nights in the Country

Story 24: The Fortune Teller

Story 25: Toothbrushes

Story 26: Picking Strawberries

Story 27: The Monkey and His Tail

Story 28: Animal Hospital

Story 29: Fireflies

Story 30: The Family Picnic

Story 31: Fish in the Street