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Story 1: Emma and the Hot Day

Story 2: Bob

Story 3: My Story with Fog

Story 4: A Boy Learns

Story 5: Brain Power

Story 6: The Farm

Story 7: Father Was Beaten

Story 8: Finding a Husband (I)

Story 9: Finding a Husband (II)

Story 10: Polly’s Pudding

Story 11: What’s the Difference?

Story 12: Recycling Cans

Story 13: A Place to Find Wood

Story 14: Can You Solve This Riddle?

Story 15: Popcorn

Story 16: Gerry

Story 17: All in One Family

Story 18: Stuffed Animal Parade

Story 19: Getting in Shape

Story 20: Summer on the Farm

Story 21: Half Full

Story 22: Daddy-Daughter Day

Story 23: The Key

Story 24: I Can Do It!

Story 25: Not Goodbye

Story 26: Why Is the Sky Blue?

Story 27: Save Water

Story 28: Summer Vacation

Story 29: Snakes Are Different

Story 30: The Great Guitar Player