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Story 1: The Strange Goose

Story 2: Getting Up Early

Story 3: Computer

Story 4: Zebras

Story 5: The Best Ride Ever

Story 6: Not A Toy Truck

Story 7: How Fast Are You?

Story 8: Gathering for Winter

Story 9: A Dumpling Party

Story 10: Playing in the Crowd

Story 11: The Shoe Lady

Story 12: Fingernails

Story 13: Leaning Tower of Pizza?

Story 14: Festival of Tulips

Story 15: As Brave as a Lion (I)

Story 16: As Brave as a Lion (II)

Story 17: A Good Word

Story 18: Don’t Forget!

Story 19: Building Guitars

Story 20: A Perfect Smile

Story 21: Volcanoes

Story 22: Nature’s Way

Story 23: Lucky, the Hero

Story 24: Paper Planes

Story 25: The Long Wire

Story 26: The King and the Pawn

Story 27: Special Places

Story 28: Doll Clothes

Story 29: Small, Big and Tall

Story 30: Born to Fly