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Story 1: Don’t Fix It

Story 2: That’s a BIG Pumpkin

Story 3: Apple Time

Story 4: Mr. Squirrel

Story 5: Just One More House

Story 6: Cars (I)

Story 7: Cars (II)

Story 8: Fall

Story 9: A Nature Artist

Story 10: Perfect

Story 11: Lost at the Beach

Story 12: Before Computers

Story 13: Touching the Tiger (I)

Story 14: Touching the Tiger (II)

Story 15: Under the Table

Story 16: The Greedy Dog

Story 17: Walking Sweater

Story 18: Falling Leaves, Rising Trees

Story 19: A Worrying Guy

Story 20: Freddy the Frog

Story 21: Sun, Moon and Water (I)

Story 22: Sun, Moon and Water (II)

Story 23: George’s Brother

Story 24: It Tastes Like Vinegar

Story 25: Feeling Good With Music

Story 26: The High Jumper

Story 27: How Do Birds Eat?

Story 28: Guess the Holiday!

Story 29: A Sudden Danger!

Story 30: Billy’s Blanket

Story 31: Monster Dad