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Story 1: Getting a Pet

Story 2: Running a Race

Story 3: A Simple Man

Story 4: A Little Good Luck

Story 5: The Sky Is Falling

Story 6: Get Some Air

Story 7: The Barber Shop

Story 8: The Same But Different

Story 9: Gift of Hope

Story 10: Panic

Story 11: Living Things

Story 12: Proud of My Past

Story 13: Don’t Cry, Mom

Story 14: A Day to Say "I Like You!"

Story 15: Getting Eyeglasses

Story 16: Help the Whales

Story 17: A Visit with Dr. Mom

Story 18: A Star for My Birthday

Story 19: Is My Sister a Foreigner?

Story 20: Tomorrow

Story 21: Friends

Story 22: A Morning Surprise

Story 23: Mr. Slow and Mr. Fast

Story 24: Never Too Old to Travel

Story 25: How We Got Night and Day

Story 26: A Big Cat

Story 27: A Painful Lesson

Story 28: Reading to Grandchildren