Story 1: A Furry Elephant

Story 2: Toad Crossing

Story 3: My Favourite Sense

Story 4: Mandy

Story 5: Moon in the Day

Story 6: A Robot Named Spark

Story 7: Hair Cut

Story 8: Round Rainbows–1

Story 9: Round Rainbows–2

Story 10: Fighting the Flu

Story 11: A Look Inside Your Mouth

Story 12: The Sun, the Earth, and Me

Story 13: Big Shark

Story 14: My Heart

Story 15: A Colourful Frog

Story 16: The Law and the Toy Cars

Story 17: Taking a Long Look

Story 18: Science in the Kitchen

Story 19: Among the Chimpanzees

Story 20: X-Rays

Story 21: Was the Big Bad Wolf an Engineer?

Story 22: Don’t Give Up

Story 23: Swimming Underwater!

Story 24: Pelican—Well Again

Story 25: Big Puzzle Pieces

Story 26: A Deep Cut

Story 27: Invisible Waves

Story 28: What is Leukemia?

Story 29: Tomatoes in Space?

Story 30: Helping Green Sea Turtles

Story 31: Energy