Story 1: Smaller Than Small

Story 2: Spunky—the Little Squawker!

Story 3: Beaver Trouble

Story 4: More Trouble

Story 5: A Dangerous Wind

Story 6: Fight, Flight, Freeze

Story 7: Miles of Muscles

Story 8: A Magic Show

Story 9: Master of Disguise

Story 10: Up and Down

Story 11: A Lesson in the Garden

Story 12: What’s Behind the Fence?

Story 13: Light It Up!

Story 14: A Secret Code

Story 15: The New Puppy

Story 16: Watch Your Head!

Story 17: Puzzling About the Platypus

Story 18: What about the Wheel?

Story 19: Off to Hawaii

Story 20: Jessica’s Contact Lenses

Story 21: A Doctor for Pets

Story 22: Katherine Johnson

Story 23: What Is the Temperature?

Story 24: Now That’s Magnetic!

Story 25: The Sea Will Come

Story 26: Crazy for Ears!

Story 27: Athletes of the World

Story 28: Drinking Water–1

Story 29: Drinking Water–2

Story 30: Oh, Mr. Sun