My Lunchbox Is Hopping & Other School Poems


Discover a silly, fun, and at times touching collection of school-themed poems for beginner readers. Using simple vocabulary and intuitive rhyme and rhythm, these poems address everything from writing tests to hiding in the bathroom!
适合英语初学者阅读的一本有趣的学校主题诗集。 这些诗歌使用简单的词汇和直观的韵律和节奏,涵盖了从考试到躲在浴室里等一系列趣事!

作者: Kalli Dakos
插图: Erin Mercer
页数: 25
年龄: 4-8
语言: English
尺寸: 8”x10”
ISBN: 978-1-77205-803-1

Cheers for Poetry

I'm Tall

It's Raining

My Desk is a Mess

I Did My Work Today