Hide and Seek - Wild Animal Groups in North America


Dive into the beauty of nature and discover more about the amazing animal groups of North America in this jaw-dropping find-the-hidden-picture book written by Caroline Fernandez and illustrated by Erin Mercer. Find the butterfly and other unique animals in each page to learn more about the fauna of our continent!

这本妙趣横生的寻秘图画书由卡罗琳·费尔南德斯 (Caroline Fernandez) 撰写,艾琳·默瑟 (Erin Mercer) 负责插画,它将带领读者深入探索自然之美,更多地了解北美令人惊叹的动物群。 在每一页中找到蝴蝶和其他独具特色的动物,以了解有关我们大陆动物群的更多信息!